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Q:How do I play the game?
A:WEb Wheeling Adventures Overview
In the following paragraphs we hope to explain the game features and a few ways to play the game. This game is no meant to be a "race to the top" game.

In this game there are two parts, first your rig. You start off with a starter rig buying accessories for it as you can afford them. The capabilities of your rig will depend on the competitions as well as other features you can do in the game.

Your personal items, you will need to get a weapon and armor for personal use. These items as well as your stats will determine the results when someone attacks you or when attacking someone else. This is the main way of gaining experience needed to gain levels in the game.

You must also get a job to help pay for the items you need and will also give you some of the glitter needed to play the game.

You also need to get into a school, schools will help you gain stats needed to move ahead in the game. Be sure to go to the schools and jobs each day to clock in or attend or you will not be given credit for the day.

The Gym Your vital statistics refresh at a rate according to your game status, donators vitals will refresh twice as fast. Working out at the gym will gain the much needed strength,dexterity,defense, and other important stats to make you stronger in the game.

There are many ways to play the game so I'll go over the two most common. The first is to gain as much experience you can allowing you to move on in the game getting the best weapons and rigs.

The second is to take your time building up your stats. By doing this you may be able to beat some of the people at higher levels tan you gaining more experience for beating someone higher in the game.

If you have any questions ask someone in the game that you think is doing well. Most times they will give away a secret or two.

Thanks for playing,
Woodlawn Web Technologies
Q:I don't want to play any more, will you delete my account?
A:We do not delete accounts. If you don't want to play any more just don't log in like all the others do. If you are banned the account is banned for breaking a game rule, it will be posted in the Fed, Jail just like any other RPG game.
Q:Will Papee or other admins sell me glitter, weapons, or other items in the game?
A:No, never, not a chance so don't ask. The admins are busy enough without adding this mess. Please respect them and don't ask.
Q:What happened to my________?
A:Never use refresh in the game, we are not responsible for things lost because of use the refresh button. Always use a link in the game to refresh the page or navigate the game. Also do not use the back or forward buttons.
Q:How can I get more glitter?
A:Make sure you have a job and clock in every day, your job pays out glitter each day.
You can also do your daily wheeling trips for more glitter. The amount of glitter given on these trips is random.
You can also vote to get glitter. Vote by going to Explore --> Things to Do --> Vote.
You can also buy a glitter galore donator pack which will also get you donator days for faster vital restore.
Q:How does mugging work?
A:When you win an attack on a player you have a choice to mug them of cash. By doing this you are taking another chance that you may get caught. If someone comes along and catches you while mugging the person you will get beat down and lose everything.

Just because you beat them in the attack does not mean you will be successful in mugging them.
Q:Is this game free to play?
A:Yes, However by being a donator to the game special features are unlocked, such as friends list, enemies list, faster vital refills, more interest in banks to name a few...
Q:What do items do?
A:Depends on the item. Most items need to be moved to your inventory to work, using them from your garage will not work. Baid-Aids get you out of the hospital and heal you. Plastic Sporks get you out of jail or impound. Use some common sense when figuring out what an item does. Think about what it does in real life. Or where you can get them. For example band-aids heal you! Go figure right? or A plastic spork, they use these in jail. Thus gets you out of jail... So think before you ask. If you still have questions check the forums. Or message a friend and if that fails mail an admin or a moderator and they will help assist you in finding what the world has come to!
Q:Why do my vitals refill so slowly?
A:First off are you a donator? If so then you vitals refill faster than non donators. If you are not a donator, and you want your vitals to refill faster you need to purchase a donator pack.
Q:How do I get Donator Days?
A:To get donator days you must purchase donator packs. click on donate below the home link in the main navigation.
Q:Why can't I travel to another city?
A:You need to have a rig to travel to another city as well as the proper funds.

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