Start your own Game!

Get your own! Even if you no nothing about programming or hosting a site or game, we can set you up with a game of your very own!

Not everyone has the knowledge to put up their own game. We have plans available just for you! We will register your domain, host the game, and design a game temple for you. We can have you up and running the same day ready for you to put your touch on your own game.The administration panel of our template allows even the novice to have their own game. The easy to use admin panel allows you to make all things needed for the game. Just add your text and things to do and you’re on your way to getting your game on the internet for others to enjoy.

The pricing depends on your involvement in the game, if you want to take it over on your own or have us help you along the way adding new features to the game to keep it new and exciting. We can do this for just a small fee for the cost of $120. This is for domain registration and hosting set up. You put nothing else out! This gets your game started and online, after the first year you will need to renew your game domain with us at a cost of $10 per year.

How do we make money on this? Of course we charge a minimum fee per month once your game is up and making money, this fee will be taken out each month before a profit is shown. If this monthly fee is not met you pay us nothing for that month and we accept what is made that month for our fees. You will never have to pay us money after you pay the startup fee of $120. The monthly donations to the game are reset at the beginning of each month and using your admin panel you can keep track of how much the game is making you.

You don’t even have to worry about collecting the money, we will do that for you and send you a check every month! The Woodlawn Games staff will calculate your percentage of the profit and mail your check. All money from the games are subject to federal taxes and you are responsible for these taxes. Woodlawn games will send you a 1099 for your earnings at the end of each year.

If a game has not made any money in the first year Woodlawn Games may choose to discontinue the game unless the owner of the game is willing to cover hosting costs. The game code is not for sale and is the property of Woodlawn Games. Reproduction of the game code may be punishable by law.

Want to know more! Send us an email at for details.