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Woodlawn Games is a division Woodlawn Web Technologies, a trusted name in Web Hosting and Development for over 15 years. Being avid game players ourselves, we decided that we wanted to make our own template making it user friendly and very adaptable for different game options. After 3 years of development,constant updates and new features, it is now time to have some fun.

We started out with our own game then added others. As we grew, we were contacted by others interested in a game of their own. Woodlawn Games offers set up, hosting, and support just for these users. We will set up a game template for you designing the page to fit your needs. We will be there for support and to help with the back end development of the game. Check out our “Start your own” page for more details or go to our forums to check out questions others have asked or join and ask your own. After joining our forum you can also use the “Live Help” feature and talk to one of our staff concerning your questions about getting your own game.

Woodlawn Games announces New Game!

The Prison Life
We have redesigned and changed the format of our old Gangster themed game. We feel there is plenty of gangster type games out there and the new theme should bring more fun and different scenarios for the game. Try it out!

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